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Clinical Engineer Logbook

Order the e-book copy (fillable responsive PDF) by forwarding the receipt of $200 payment to Account number: 0425692791

The Clinical Engineer Logbook is delivered via e-mail within 24hrs of confirmation of payment.

To order paperback copies on amazon, visit or 

Clinical Engineer Logbook


that the CLINICAL ENGINEER LOGBOOK is a e-portfolio created to revolutionize HTM education and practice in Nigeria, Africa, and perhaps the World at large.

that it is utilised just as you do a Microsoft office software, except in this case, with specialised responsive (PDF) sections.

that it contains links to educational resources and printable work documents, such as, MEMP, FDA forms etc.

that it was developed by a graduate student of Biomedical Engineering in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

that the inventor envisions licensure agreement with professional registration bod(ies), granting it exclusive distribution rights.

that prior licensure resolution, you can gain lifetime access by ordering here at

that paperback version is also available for purchase on amazon stores at a promo price 55% OFF the original paperback price.

that the paperback version has an estimated useful life of 18 months, following a proposed 1week-1equipment management schedule.


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